It is with deep sadness that we inform you that on Monday 26th September, our beloved colleague, and the creator of Lisflood, Ad de Roo passed away.
Ad was an internationally renowned hydrologist, who never ceased to share his knowledge and enthusiasm, to the benefit of many JRC and Commission colleagues, and indeed to the European Union.

He was a scientist and educator to his core. During an exceptional career, he published numerous high quality scientific papers, provided first-class mentoring to generations of PhD and post-doctoral fellows (at the JRC and at Utrecht University, where he was Professor of Physical Geography, Hazards and Impacts), and was at the centre of applied science projects with profound policy relevance and impact.

Ad’s ability to push the boundaries of science and to see the applications of said science has been at the heart of the LISFLOOD model that serves hydrologists and the wider academic community worldwide for their research. LISFLOOD is also the core of the European and Global Flood Awareness Systems. Whilst these started as research projects under his leadership and guidance, they have become cornerstones of the operational Copernicus Emergency Management service. As such, Ad’s science regularly serves to improve Europeans abilities to tackle flood related disasters.

Ad provided a safe space for his students and early-career colleagues, helping them to flourish and make the best of their skills for our institution. He provided scientific advice to peers, and was always a highly professional, dependable, reliable and much valued colleague. Enyone who’s ever met Ad remembers him with a smile, with kind words and easy going attitude. We will mourn now, and then continue to work on his Lisflood legacy.


Joint Research Centre